My Social Experiment: Letting Go of Facebook

It wasn't exactly a conscious decision to disengage from Facebook. There was a slow build up of disatisfaction as 2020 progressed. I became more and more disillusioned as my social network began to implode. Friends, former classmates, colleagues, and family members- all known to me but strangers to each other- began bickering on my posts.… Continue reading My Social Experiment: Letting Go of Facebook

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#MerryImpeachmas, the Hashtag That Keeps Giving This Holiday Season

Flabbergasted is my word for today. In 2019 I discovered that some people- including the President of the USA- will cling to their delusions no matter what. Facts? Who needs them! Corruption? Simply a matter of perspective! Democracy? Elections are rigged! (Unless my candidate wins. We'll just ignore that minor issue of Russian interference). Search… Continue reading #MerryImpeachmas, the Hashtag That Keeps Giving This Holiday Season

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AOC: A Political Wonder Woman

It has been just over a year since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in the United States. She was sworn in on January 3rd 2019. Over the last year I have been continually inspired by her courage, compassion, and integrity. If she is already this formidable at age 29, I… Continue reading AOC: A Political Wonder Woman


Musings of an Expat on Immigration, Storytelling, & Being Wholehearted

Why is it that some societies are more humane than others? Why are some people locked in selfish, narrow perspectives, while others are passionate about creating social change and equality for all? I’m reminded of several quotes from one of my favourite books, Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby. This passage is taken from the chapter entitled Wound.