WIP Wednesday: Boy’s Sleeveless Sweater

In January I wrote that I'd write more frequently on my blog, but that hasn't happened. The post-Christmas lockdown has been intense due to the school closures! My daughter is now in the senior cycle, meaning she sits her leaving certificate exam next year. She's in higher level classes which require a lot of studying.… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Boy’s Sleeveless Sweater


WIP Wednesday- Muddling Through

This post isn't so much about knitting, though I am totally engrossed in my latest project. At the moment I feel like I'm the work in progress... crafting a life worth living despite recent challenges, family dramas, and the stress that comes with rearing teenagers. This moment in time requires resourcefulness, flexibility, and compassion. I'm… Continue reading WIP Wednesday- Muddling Through

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Traveling With Our Taste-buds

This post focuses on traveling in three parts: lockdown travel restrictions, virtual travel, and our culinary adventures. Part One The travel restrictions during lockdown have presented a problem for many co-parenting families. I haven't heard much discussion around this issue, although one Guardian headline reads Uk lawyers inundated by divorced parents arguing over lockdown custody.… Continue reading Traveling With Our Taste-buds


Lockdown, A Poem on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day 2020 won't be remembered for the parades, the green beer, or revelry. It will be remembered as the year we celebrated at home in self isolation. I will remember it as my 23rd anniversary on this island. I arrived on March 17th, and it marked the beginning of my new life. I… Continue reading Lockdown, A Poem on St. Patrick’s Day