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One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

It might seem a strange time to replace my car, since travel restrictions may soon be in place as Ireland prepares for a potential lockdown, but my car has been in the garage for several months, and I need another seven seater. My mechanic made clear that it's more expensive to fix my old car… Continue reading One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

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Covid-19 Comes to County Cork

Are you prepared? Rumours have circulated all week, but the first case was confirmed in our small town yesterday. Yes, this is another post about the dreaded C word. It's on everyone's mind so there's no point pretending it isn't. Ireland still has relatively low numbers compared to other countries, but there is already community… Continue reading Covid-19 Comes to County Cork

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The Summer of Suitcases, Festivals and a Solar Eclipse

Having survived a dramatic birth and a house fire, our family began a summer of travel.  I decided to turn our homelessness into a holiday when the 4 weeks at the rental came to an end. The insurance company approved two more week's accommodation since our home renovations were taking longer than first anticipated. School… Continue reading The Summer of Suitcases, Festivals and a Solar Eclipse


Shit Got Real- Part One

When I created Confessions of a Patchwork Momma over two years ago, my vision was to create an inspirational blended parenting blog.  Then shit got real. My unexpected month in maternity hospital left me somewhat traumatized.  I spent a night in the high dependency unit, where only the sickest mothers end up, but miraculously avoided… Continue reading Shit Got Real- Part One