If “America is Family,” What Does That Mean for Me?

This week has been a strange mixture of happiness, contentment, and hope, as well as one filled with fear, sadness, shock. I am still processing. A few days ago, I experienced the joy of receiving two care packages for our family; one was filled with homemade food (vegetarian soup, sourdough bread, and chocolate chip cookies),… Continue reading If “America is Family,” What Does That Mean for Me?


Have You Discovered the 2021 Brave Sis Journey-Journal?

I have never used a planner, but am so excited to begin 2021 with my copy of the Brave Sis Journey Journal! It's the perfect organisational tool to set goals this year and map step by step how to achieve them. What sets it apart from other planners, is that it highlights the achievements of… Continue reading Have You Discovered the 2021 Brave Sis Journey-Journal?


WIP Wednesday- Harry Styles Cardigan

Hello! It's been over a month since my last post. Life has been hectic leading up to the holidays. I've also been volunteering a lot of hours in an effort to keep my son's preschool open, leaving not much free time. (It's a Waldorf inspired, parent-run kindergarten where I've become heavily involved). Days go by… Continue reading WIP Wednesday- Harry Styles Cardigan

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WIP Wednesday: Election Knitting

Anyone else feeling on edge? My anxiety dreams leading up to the election were pretty intense. Last night I stayed up most of the night watching CNN. When I finally went to bed after Trump declared victory, I felt depressed and despondent. Thankfully I woke up to better news. At this moment Biden has 253… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Election Knitting


My Social Experiment: Letting Go of Facebook

It wasn't exactly a conscious decision to disengage from Facebook. There was a slow build up of disatisfaction as 2020 progressed. I became more and more disillusioned as my social network began to implode. Friends, former classmates, colleagues, and family members- all known to me but strangers to each other- began bickering on my posts.… Continue reading My Social Experiment: Letting Go of Facebook