Lockdown, A Poem on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day 2020 won't be remembered for the parades, the green beer, or revelry. It will be remembered as the year we celebrated at home in self isolation. I will remember it as my 23rd anniversary on this island. I arrived on March 17th, and it marked the beginning of my new life. I… Continue reading Lockdown, A Poem on St. Patrick’s Day

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What does a Spirit Animal, Synchronicity and Surprise Have in Common?

Have you ever been afraid of something, only to have it come true? Last night I had a terrifying experience. Although I've feared being caught in this situation, when it actually happened it took me completely by surprise. It takes me roughly 90 minutes to travel to the nearest city from my house. Last night… Continue reading What does a Spirit Animal, Synchronicity and Surprise Have in Common?

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December Writing Challenge: Join #Manifest20

How would you like to manifest your dreams this coming year? Join me in a month of reflection. Throughout December I will post daily writing prompts on the #Manifest20 page accessed from my blog menu at the top of my site. The idea is to reflect about the previous year and set intentions for 2020.… Continue reading December Writing Challenge: Join #Manifest20

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Giving Thanks: Holiday Recipes and Reflections

It's not uncommon to want to give one's children everything lacked in one's own childhood. I know I'm not alone in trying to overcompensate for what I did not have in my early years. What were holidays like for you, and how does that influence your celebrations now? My mother and I depended on the… Continue reading Giving Thanks: Holiday Recipes and Reflections


Musings of an Expat on Immigration, Storytelling, & Being Wholehearted

Why is it that some societies are more humane than others? Why are some people locked in selfish, narrow perspectives, while others are passionate about creating social change and equality for all? I’m reminded of several quotes from one of my favourite books, Rebecca Solnit’s The Faraway Nearby. This passage is taken from the chapter entitled Wound.