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Who Knew that Baking is Therapeutic?

Since the pandemic began I've noticed an upsurge in baking. Friends of mine who have never enjoyed time spent in the kitchen are now posting photos of their perfect sourdough bread on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although I created my own sourdough starter last Christmas, I've failed to use it. It takes such a long… Continue reading Who Knew that Baking is Therapeutic?

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Traveling With Our Taste-buds

This post focuses on traveling in three parts: lockdown travel restrictions, virtual travel, and our culinary adventures. Part One The travel restrictions during lockdown have presented a problem for many co-parenting families. I haven't heard much discussion around this issue, although one Guardian headline reads Uk lawyers inundated by divorced parents arguing over lockdown custody.… Continue reading Traveling With Our Taste-buds

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One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

It might seem a strange time to replace my car, since travel restrictions may soon be in place as Ireland prepares for a potential lockdown, but my car has been in the garage for several months, and I need another seven seater. My mechanic made clear that it's more expensive to fix my old car… Continue reading One Lonely Shopper in a Deserted City

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Giving Thanks: Holiday Recipes and Reflections

It's not uncommon to want to give one's children everything lacked in one's own childhood. I know I'm not alone in trying to overcompensate for what I did not have in my early years. What were holidays like for you, and how does that influence your celebrations now? My mother and I depended on the… Continue reading Giving Thanks: Holiday Recipes and Reflections