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Seasonal Comforts

What's bringing you comfort these days? Family time, kitten cuddles, walks with my dog, binge watching historical dramas, tasty food (specifically nachos made with leftover vegetarian chili), and craft projects are keeping me going. As the pandemic continues, and the nights grow longer, I worry about the coming months. Covid-19 cases are increasing daily in… Continue reading Seasonal Comforts

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The Gardener

Have I lived enough?Have I loved enough?Have I considered Right Action enough,have I come to any conclusion?Have I experienced happiness withsufficient gratitude?Have I endured loneliness with grace?I say this, or perhaps I'm just thinking it.Actually, I probably think too much.Then I step out into the garden,where the gardener, who is said to be asimple man,is… Continue reading The Gardener

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It’s No Joke: Vaccinate Your Kids

When did mumps become a laughing matter? Last time I checked the disease is associated with significant pain and serious complications can occur. A few days ago someone uploaded The Great Mumps Scandal of Schull on Urban Dictionary, about the recent mumps outbreak in West Cork, as if it's a big joke. Wt actual f?… Continue reading It’s No Joke: Vaccinate Your Kids

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Head to Toe Natural Skincare Products: Safe, Ethical and Eco-Friendly

I work as a health and fitness professional so all aspects of well-being are important to me. In addition to exercising and eating a nutritious whole foods diet, I am selective about what skincare products I use. With Christmas coming next month I'm already on the lookout for more toiletries. Every year our stockings include… Continue reading Head to Toe Natural Skincare Products: Safe, Ethical and Eco-Friendly

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Saving the Spirit of Christmas: Less Is More

Last summer my family had the honor of being featured in the Irish Examiner's Parents for the Planet series. We were interviewed about our lifestyle, and while there are a few mistakes, the main point is that we are committed to caring for the environment. (For instance, I was not a mother when I first… Continue reading Saving the Spirit of Christmas: Less Is More