March 9th, 2017

As children my friends and I loved making origami fortune tellers which predicted who we would one day marry, how many children we’d have, and where we’d live.  It never occurred to us to factor in separation, divorce, or even widowhood. Life was less complicated back then.

I was an only child and dreamed of having a big family when I grew up.  I spent a lot of time imagining what motherhood would be like.  I just couldn’t decide if I’d prefer to have four or six children.  As it turns out, I’ll soon have it (sort of) both ways.  I’m expecting to give birth to my fourth child this summer. My partner also has two children from a previous relationship. While they primarily reside with their mother, I welcome the times when we can all be together.

What I never could have guessed is that there will be nearly 20 years between my oldest and youngest! At one time I was considered the young mom (I looked like a teen parent back then and was often mistaken for one). “Geriatric” is the unflattering term given to pregnant women of my present age.

A friend recently suggested over coffee that I create a blog sharing my experiences as a mature woman in her 40’s who has chosen to become a mom again.  In six years I’ll be finished raising the three children from my first marriage.  To other people it may seem insane to start all over again, but my partner Christy and I are very excited!

Our patchwork family is even more colorful when you take into account our differences. I was raised in a big city in the American Midwest, while my partner roamed wild through the remote mountains in the west of Ireland.  I’m biracial, he’s blonde.  I’m a dancer and holistic therapist, he’s a drummer and green-build artist.  Our 5 spirited children are fluent in Gaelic as well as Snapchat, eye-rolling, and anything Minefield related.

If any of this sounds familiar or piques your interest, put the kettle on and stay awhile… Comments and new friends are welcome!

xoxo Robin

P.S.  Did I mention that I love books? And food? That I’m hygge obsessed?  Think of a crazy quilt when you picture this Patchwork Momma- a bit bohemian and slightly haphazard.  In other words, I couldn’t stay on one topic to save my life so expect an eclectic blog.