Spring has officially arrived in West Cork. Thankfully we’ve had a few warm days accompanied by blue skies and sunshine. I’ve enjoyed gardening once again. One of the Japanese maple trees planted over the winter has come into leaf. The tulips have started blooming and lots of seedlings are poking through the soil, a promise of what’s to come.

I’ve mentally composed at least 10 blog posts over the last few weeks, but it has been difficult to actually write them. Just as soon as we eased into a new routine once the schools reopened, life threw a curve ball. One of the teachers at my son’s preschool had to self-isolate for 10 days as a close Covid-19 contact. I ended up volunteering as emergency parent cover, which meant my free time instantly disappeared, along with my fitness routine. Now I’m back to square one.

Tonight I almost went for a jog… but opted to open the bottle of champagne given to me on Mother’s Day instead. I’ve lost track of what day of the lockdown we’re on by now, but surely drinking on a Wedesday is fine since every day feels like Saturday anyway. Yesterday it was announced that the level 5 lockdown will continue for at least another month. It’s beyond disheartening at this stage as days of isolation blur into weeks and months.

The kids have two weeks off of school for Easter vacation. With nowhere to go and travel restricted to within 5 km, I’m especially grateful when the sun shines. We can at least be outdoors and enjoy a walk along the beach. Today we dyed eggs and started working on a new display for the nature table. My daughter baked chocolate chip cookies. The house is never as clean as I’d like, but we are doing our best to stay productive and balance out chores with activities we enjoy doing.

The most exciting news was that my second oldest son had his first TV appearance. Yesterday Mr. T performed Bottle O’ Red on the Today Show accompanied by his friend. They were great! I was so nervous for them on the days leading up to their appearance on RTE, but they took the experience in their stride. Thankfully there were no technical issues during the livestream performance. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there as an artist, and I’m proud of what my son has already achieved in his 18th year.

* * *

It’s WIP Wednesday so I’m sharing a photo of my Campside Shawl. All that’s left to do is the ribbing on the edges. After I block it the eyelets should be easier to see. I’ve really enjoyed this project! I can’t wait to wear it. The material is soft (a silk/ merino blend) and I love the color. To see the finished object when I post it, connect with me on Instagram.

I’m tempted not to mention current events because the news is so damn upsetting. However, I am watching the Derek Chauvin trial like many people worldwide. The footage of George Floyd’s murder on CNN is heartbreaking. I avoided watching the brutal videos after his death. Listening to him cry out in anguish for his mother is just too much. My heart aches for the numerous witnesses who have stated that they feel guilty because they didn’t prevent his death. I can’t imagine how they sleep at night with memories of that day, especially the minors who have bravely testified.

When my daughter and I attended the BLM protests last summer I was sad and angry, yet energized. With so many people mobilized and demanding that their voices be heard, I hoped we’d see police reform and the dismantling of systemic racism. These days I feel deflated, drained, depressed. Will there ever be an end to racism, cruelty, and violence? Will justice be served this time? I’m so anxious about what will happen if Chauvin isn’t convicted.

These thoughts make my mind race so I reach for my needles. Right now that’s about all I can do to keep calm. Keep breathing and take it one stitch at a time…

How are you holding up?

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