I’ve done well until now to resist the temptation of starting something new. I’m still struggling to finish the JW Anderson cardigan which is a gift for my son. I’ve knit all of the panels and have sewn some together. I’m still knitting the cuffs, ribbing, collar, and button hole strip. Even though I’m on the home stretch, I’ve lost my momentum.

It has been very repetitive. The colors aren’t to my taste either, and I don’t really enjoy the texture of chunky wool. Basically, I can’t wait to finish the Harry Styles inspired cardigan!!! My biggest fear is that it won’t fit my son or he won’t like it as much as he thought he would. The project has been both expensive and time consuming. How have so many TikTok teenagers completed it really quickly?!

Clearly someone adores this sweater though… He sneaks here whenever I turn my back.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment in the city. As exciting as it was to leave my 5 km radius, the trip wasn’t entirely stress free. I’ve been moved to a new specialist at a different hospital and I got lost. Parking was hard to find. I had to try to locate a newsagent to buy a prepaid ticket and run back to the car to put it on the dashboard. By the time I arrived at my appointment I was sweaty and 30 minutes late.

The consultation was unsettling. I don’t mind having blood drawn at this stage, but I was unnerved by some of the medical terminology used. The doctor’s request to do a painful, invasive surgical procedure sometime this year sent me into a panic. I was sent away with information leaflets and given time to consider my options. The good news is that I wasn’t charged anything as it’s considered public healthcare. I wish my fellow Americans understood that in many other countries citizens expect education and healthcare to be accessible to everyone. It’s a good system, even if it’s not perfect.

Usually I’d treat myself to lunch somewhere special after a stressful experience like that. Most of the restaurants and shops were closed because of the level 5 lockdown, which depressed me further. I hopped back in my car to head home.

When I stopped at the petrol station for fuel, I saw the headlines. Ireland’s lockdown has been extended until March 5th at the earliest, and more restrictions will be issued regarding international travel. Who’s going to enforce these restrictions? I was only stopped by the gardai at one checkpoint yesterday, just outside of the city. It was a bit of a joke really. She asked where I was going. “Home, ” I answered. She waved me on without even asking where I lived to see if I was within my 5 km zone. What’s the actual point of stopping people?

I did enjoy listening to audiobooks during the 2 and a half hour round trip. Did you know Audible gives people badges? I didn’t either until I earned 8 of them… Apparently I’ve been awarded Bitesized Bookworm, Done & Dusted, 7-Day Stretch, Weekend Warrior, Night Owl, On the Trot, Marathoner, and my personal favorite High Noon. I must have earned that one yesterday. It reads: Hope you remembered to eat. You’ve listened for at least 3 hours during lunchtime. How apt. No lunch could be found so I consumed words instead.

I arrived home to a silent house- a rarity these days! The boys were out for a walk (and my daughter is always quiet). I seized the moment to pour a glass of Merlot and cast on the Alicia Plummer Campside shawl. (Get the free pattern here). I bought the yarn from Eve Chambers Textiles, a local indie dyer last August or September. At the time, the lace charts intimidated me so I stashed the silk & merino skeins away.

It’s amazing how in just a few months my confidence has improved. Each project has taught me something new. That’s one of the things I love about this craft. Knitting never gets boring because there are so many techniques to learn and a variety of garments and styles to create. I love fashion and self expression. Being able to make clothes that feel unique is very satisfying.

I’m so glad I allowed myself to start this project because it’s bringing me a lot of joy. I’ll finish Lace section A this evening. There are 3 more sections after that. Tomorrow I’ll resume the other project, but the shawl will give me an incentive to finish the cardigan. How do you push through projects that no longer interest you?

“Campside” in the Robin colorway by Eve Chambers Textiles

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- Campside Shawl

  1. I don’t like talking to people about the lockdown anymore, because I get so worked up about some of the ridiculous measures that have been put in place…
    I can’t wait to see the lace part of your shawl! Please post pictures.
    I have to contact my son, I’m sure he is upset about the lockdown situation, especially since he is completely on his own. Fortunately he still goes to work, so at least he is seeing some people most days.
    Good luck with your medical situation. 🙂

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    1. I really wish Ireland had taken the same approach as New Zealand! Life could be back to normal by now, with the exception of international travel.

      The lace is hard to photograph. After it’s blocked maybe it will be more apparent. The 3 year old said, “Mommy, it has holes in it!” 😂

      It’s good your son can at least meet people at work. Most people here are still working from home in isolation. My oldest turns 23 tomorrow and is also fed up of being isolated. He’s a carer for his elderly grandma who’s suffering from dementia. I’m glad she has him nearby, but he’d like to go back to college. Tough times for all!


  2. I know! This has been such a long time in various forms of lockdown. It can get very draining. I love your shawl. The color is working up beautifully!

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