I snapped a quick photo in the garden this afternoon for Macro Monday. We enjoyed a weekend of warm, sunny weather and the sun continued to shine today. It was lovely to sit outside and start a new knitting project while Blessing played beside me.

We haven’t spent as much time in the garden as before. I’ll post an autumn update soon. For now I’ll just say that the nasturtiums have taken over the new bed we created. I planted sunflowers there but the slugs ate all but one. It looks like it will bloom soon, although it’s not very tall. (I planted a mixture. Some were a dwarf variety).

Late bloomer

In the midst of all the orange and yellow, a purple blossom caught my eye. I love when flowers self seed! It resembles a petunia… Maybe it’s a weed? We don’t have any other plants like this one. If you can identify it I’d be grateful. The insects love it.

What do your gardens look like these days?

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