Today’s visitor was a colourful moth enjoying Love In A Mist. I too love the flower’s beautiful shade of blue.

At the moment the garden is full of birds, bees and butterflies which I love to see. I haven’t had much time for gardening over the last couple of weeks, but I do walk around daily to check on the plants. Here are a few photos from this morning.

Pumpkin Progress

This post is in response to Sunshine’s Macro Monday. There are no prompts. To participate on your blog, simply take a photo of something up close and personal on Monday, tag SMM, and link back to Irene’s blog. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro-Monday #52

    1. Thanks. I think the red coloring of the moth is so pretty. Glad you’ve been enjoying your garden and local walks. Aren’t butterflies the best! 🦋 My youngest son’s grandmother and her family were from Devon. I’d love to visit sometime.

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