Maybe it was the reference to Hawaii that caught me. If you can’t be in Honolulu, you can at least knit yourself a top bearing the same name. See that woman in the picture? By the end of the summer that will be me… windswept hair, walking along the beach (granted it will be the Atlantic, not the Pacific Ocean), looking fine in my new handmade top.

I cast on exactly one week ago. It seems I’ve resorted to my old ways and keep starting new projects before finishing the last one. The way I see it, there’s no need to complete Blessing’s sweater (or socks) before the autumn, but I would like a couple of new summery tops. Plus there was a sale on Adriafil EraOra shade 85/ “rust brown fancy” which I love. I’ve reserved it for my next project… I’ve become quite the planner and optimist. Currently I’m using Kimera (colour 23) yarn.

At my last trip to the local yarn shop I became a little over-excited and overly ambitious. I discovered Pompom Magazine. Issue 33 has several patterns I can’t wait to try when I have the time! This is the first knitting magazine I’ve ever purchased. I couldn’t believe my luck when I even found a delicious pasta recipe in it. Combining food and one of my favorite hobbies instantly sent me to my happy place.

So here I am seven days later. This is my first time knitting with cotton and I’m finding it a little difficult. Read more about the pros and cons of knitting with cotton from The Spruce Crafts. I have to take breaks because my hands get tired. Apparently hand strain is not uncommon when knitting with cotton because it’s inelastic, unlike wool. In addition to this challenge, I continue to be a slow knitter. Honestly, I’m slow about everything. Someone once remarked that I don’t seem to get out of first gear, which is pretty accurate.

Now I’ve discovered the sacred triangle to help me along: tea, chocolate, and knitting. Minstrels are my weakness. At the end of a set (knit one, purl one row) I’ll reward myself with one (or two) chocolates. You can see them hidden in my bag in hopes that my kids won’t discover them. Shout out to my knitting pal for sharing this secret to success. It really does help me keep going!

Knitting by day
Night knitting

I don’t know what has happened to me. “We’ve unleashed the beast,” Jacquie said (mentor and owner of our local yarn shop). She’s right. I bought enough wool for 3 summer tops, although I’ll be lucky to wear even one considering:

  • The unseasonable weather in Ireland is AWFUL. We lit the woodstove tonight.
  • I don’t have time to finish 3 adult tops this month, even size small.

It’s no harm to dream though, is it? And maybe there will be other opportunities to wear sleeveless tops. It’s possible Covid19 will disappear, or a vaccine will be invented and we can travel to hot countries again. Who knows! I’ll live in hope…

In the meantime, it’s giving me a lot of pleasure to knit while I watch TV, listen to audiobooks, or chat with friends and family. I have a social gathering to go to tomorrow evening and will have to leave my projects behind. Believe it or not that won’t be easy.

I once had a friend who would bring her knitting to the cinema. During the movie there would be this annoying click, click, click… I never had the heart to say anything about it, but her habit drove me crazy. I’m not that bad yet, but I’m beginning to understand the compulsion!

If you share an interest in crafts and would like to connect elsewhere, I’m beginning to get the hang of Ravelry. You’ll find me here. I only have one friend on the site and we grew up together in real life. She’s pretty awesome so do connect with her too! As for the Honolulu top, the Adriafil pattern can be purchased and downloaded on Ravelry if you’d like to try it.

I’d love to hear from other knitters. Do you prefer to work on one project at a time or do you like multi-tasking? What are you currently working on? Where do you find inspiration? Do you work to a deadline or allow things to happen in their own time?

4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday- Honolulu Top

  1. I have a craving for Minstrels now! (I can only get them sometimes in NZ)
    I try not to have more that 4 or 5 on the go at once, but if I fall out with one that one doesn’t count anymore so I can start something else 🙂


    1. I love the crunch of the outer coating and the chocolatey centre!😋I’d definitely miss Minstrels if I moved back to the states. 4/5 projects sounds reasonable. That’s where I am right now. I’m determined not to start anything else until I finish some of these.


  2. Minstrels sound delightful! Happy that you’re enjoying knitting, I’ve always wanted to try. I did crochet one year but I always felt like knitting went faster. I could be wrong of course.
    It’s a gift that you never get out of first gear, cherish it!!!!! Hugs to you and the family ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are delicious!😋I haven’t learned to do it yet but this top does require crocheting around the arm. Not sure which is faster? If you like crafts you might enjoy knitting. YouTube has great tutorials to get you started.

      An old friend remarked over the weekend that I’m “very fluid with time.” I sort of float through my days… I’m fascinated by people who use planners and time blocks to schedule everything. Hugs to you too! I’ve been wondering how your adventures are going.

      Liked by 1 person

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