Do you have Couple Goals while you’re self-isolating? It’s been reported that within 3 weeks, 300 couples applied for divorce in the Sichuan Province of south-western China once the quarantine was lifted there. According to the Daily Mail, “Divorce rates in China have risen significantly because ‘couples are spending too much time together at home’ during coronavirus self-isolation, according to register offices across the country.”

I’ve also heard predictions that there will be a boom of “corona babies” in 9 months time. Would you believe some parents in India are currently naming their newborns Corona, Covid, Lockdown, and Virus? Seriously. Read it for yourself here.

As neither divorce nor pregnancy appeals to me, I’ve had to create my own Couple Goals somewhere in between. (Never mind that 1. We aren’t married, and 2. I’m too old for another baby.)

Couple Goal Fantasy

Enter Gina Grant & Dahrio Wonder and Madelle & Prince Paltu-ob… Never heard of them? Then you clearly aren’t a Zumba instructor. There are millions of us out there, but these four are Z-lebs. They also happen to be talented, super cool couples. Plus they’re parents: each couple has FIVE kids!!! (If you really want to smile, go watch the Paltu-obs dancing onstage with 2 of their young children here 🥰).

GET SAUCYYY!! Grab a friend or two and post your own #SAUCE videos! Be sure to tag us all 🙌🏽 We can’t wait to see 👀

Gina Grant via Instagram

When I saw the challenge I immediately sent it to my other half on Messenger. “Should we do this challenge?” I asked.

Always one to please, he replied, “As u like😅.” So you never know. After some dance practice (and enough alcohol… otherwise known as “sauce”) we could look like the Fabulous Four by the end of this weekend. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Couple Reality

But let’s be real. My partner and I resemble the couple depicted by Laura Clery and her husband Stephen Hilton. Too much sauce, in our case, would be that sticky substance our little one smeared all over the wall.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What’s helping you cope at the moment? Some days I need to laugh and shake off the weight of this pandemic for awhile. It helps. Be well, my friends!

4 thoughts on “Too Much Sauce

  1. This was a fun post 🙂 You know our couple goal at the moment, not as much fun, but knowing Jase and I we will figure out a way to make it fun with out the sauce, as I’ve laid off that, but he hasn’t ………..would that be “half sauced?”

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