Mother’s Day is observed twice each spring at our house. It’s celebrated in March for Irish families, which is when my children give gifts and spoil me. In May I honor my bonus mother in America and remember my biological mother (who passed away in 2017).

This year I didn’t get to see my oldest son, although we enjoyed a long chat on the phone. He’s living with his grandmother and they’re both “cocooning,” a word we’re being encouraged to use by health professionals because “self-isolation” sounds so sad, and language holds power. She’s in her 80’s and has high blood pressure, which puts her even more at risk. My son is worried about her contracting Covid-19 so he has stopped his power lifting training at the gym, quit socialising with his friends, and takes precautions when shopping for food. I’m proud of him for being so considerate, unlike many of the people his age.

Victoria Sponge

Despite the fact that most of us are in quarantine, it felt like a normal day. This morning I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers which brightened up the kitchen. My daughter baked a delicious cake. We went for a walk along the bay at sunset and spontaneously ordered seafood takeout on the way home. (Most Irish restaurants are closed but a few are offering delivery or takeout services locally). Lately I’ve spent so much time cooking that I welcomed the break. For much of the day I relaxed, listening to an audiobook while I continued working on my sock project. Simple pleasures make this mama tick!

Knitting the heel flap on my first sock attempt

Meanwhile, Blessing had fun checking on his new pals. Playdates with other children may not be possible at the moment, but he has made friends with our 4 new hens. We finally picked them up yesterday. They won’t start laying eggs until they’ve settled in. I can’t wait to see the little man’s face when we start collecting them!

Meet the girls!

14 thoughts on “Cocooning on Mothering Sunday

  1. Such a delightful post! Happy Mothers Day to you 🙂 Sounds like it was lovely, you look so happy and Blessing looks thrilled, so stinking cute! Can’t wait to hear about the first eggs and the completed sock project Yay!

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    1. Thanks! It’s funny. Some holidays are ruined by expectations. This Mother’s Day was so different because of everything that’s currently happening. I was just grateful to be alive, to have some of my family near, all of us in good health.

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